In this commercial, Keyz (playing 3 parts) sells a helpful product for daily commuting.


(driving sound)

Carol: C'mon, Earl. We're gonna be late.
Earl: I can't move the cars, Carol.

(lays on the horn)

Earl: (out the window) Learn how to drive, jerk off! Christ! I wish I could teach these people how to drive!

Narrator: Well, now you can. New, from the creators of Mr. Electric Chair, comes...

The Traffic Jammer!

The Traffic Jammer is a remote control device which uses Bluetooth technology to take over the electrical system of any targeted vehicle within 50 feet, allowing you full control of it. Drive them off the road. Drive them into a utility pole. Even drive them into oncoming traffic. With the Traffic Jammer, it's totally within your control!

(driving sound with lots of horns and crashes)

Carol: Wow, Earl! We're making record time! This little do-hickey is great!
Earl: You ain't shitting, honey! What is that called again?

Narrator: Why, Earl, that's...

The Traffic Jammer!

Remember to ask for it by name!

The Traffic Jammer!

Now you can REALLY teach those assholes how to drive.

The Traffic Jammer is available at all Rite-Aid, CVS, RadioShack and Army/Navy Surplus Store.

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