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Abilene, TX

Fan Since:

Dec '07 (episode 76)

Favorite Episode:

Episode 124 - "You fuckin' fagets who egged my house...." I could not stop laughing.

Show Appearances:

1 - Episode 117 (Awful Showdown)

Favorite Awful Quote:

"oh shit, my dad's comin, gotta go, bye!"

Favorite Awful Character:

Dr. Fuck

Favorite Awful Commercial:

Big Jim's Emporium of Useless Shit

Favorite Awful Parody:

Keyz "Seextee Nahn"

Favorite Prank Call:

Tom Bodett (Seamonkey) to Motel 6 "You see Anna...I OWN YOU." fuckin great stuff

I have many loves in my life. Music, video games, Cowboys football, and the Awful Show, just to name a few. All that being said, there is NOTHING I love more than my awesome family! My wife and I have been married for 7 years and have the best 2 kids anyone could ever ask for. (Yeah, my kids are better than your with it!) They are my light, my pride, my inspiration, and I would be completely lost without them!

Call that mushy or sappy....I could give a fuck really.

Anyways, thanks to Mike, Nerraux, Keyz, and Joel for the hard work and dedication you guys put into the show. It's amazing what four regular (?) guys can accomplish when they put forth the effort that you four have. I know all the other bros and hos agree, and we love ya for it! No matter what's going on in our lives--the highs, the lows--you guys are always there keeping it real and making us laugh our fucking asses off.

Long live the Awful Show!

fuckin chicken, wonk, fuck weiners, fuck berto, chilibeans, and

may your day fly by like a great eagle soaring in the sky


all you bros and hos, hit me up on the 360, gamertag: stokeyTX

or, thats W - W - W - dot - M - Y - S - P - A - C - E - dot - com - forward slash - S - T - O - K - E - Y - S - R - C