Bros and hos of The Awful Show know that you either have a fat cock in need of some oil, or a vagina that smells so fresh that you could fill an entire room with it's sexual fragrance. So how do we know such personal information about you? Well, thanks to the sexual harassment in the workplace video that first appeared in Episode 23, bros and hos are now fully aware of what is acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace. Except for Keyz.

YouTube Video[]


Sound Clips[]

  • "Man, I could go for a power fuck right now."
  • "Oil?"
  • "Smells like vagina in there."
  • "Are you talking about my vagina?"
  • "Smells like fresh vagina in there."
  • "Word around the office you've got a fat cock."
  • "Yes I do."
  • "I've got a fat cock too."
  • "Maybe we should rub our fat cocks together sometime?"
  • "Maybe a little oil?"
  • "Two fat cocks, together, oil?"