In this commercial, Keyz (with Tha Mike and Ariana) sells a Stepford-inducing topping.


Announcer: Ladies, does this sound like your house?

Guy: I'm going bowling with the guys.
Girl: But that's the third time this week. Why don't you stay home with me?
Guy: I'll be back in a few hours.
Girl: But I'll be asleep by then.
Guy: Well, I...uhh...I'm gonna be late. See ya.

(door closing)

Girl: *Sigh*

Announcer: Well, ladies. You don't have to put up with a man who refuses to stay home. No, you don't even have to kill him! Just try...


PussyWhip is a special whipped topping that can be used on any dessert. It IS delicious, but that's not all. PussyWhip contains the special ingredient Psychobenzohexanol, a delightful little chemical that limits the harmful effects of testosterone and will make your man much more agreeable to your wishes.

Girl: So, did you like that dessert?
Guy: It was great. Well, I'm off to go bowling with the guys.
Girl: No, your not. You are going to stay home with me tonight.
Guy: But...well, okay I'll stay home with you.
Girl: And we are going to watch that foreign romance movie I rented.
Guy: Ummm...yeah, that sounds okay.
Girl: And then afterward, you are going to clean out the garage and fix the dishwasher and clean the bathroom and...(fade)

Announcer: PussyWhip is the perfect topping for pie, ice cream and can even be stirred into coffee. It's available in 3 delicious flavors: Vulvanilla, Chococlit and Breastrawberry. PussyWhip is available at all Super WalMart, Piggly Wiggly, WinDixie and Food Lion locations. Or order online at


It's the flavor that makes men come home...and STAY THERE!

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