In this commercial, Keyz (playing 3 parts) sells a feminine hygiene product for dogs.


Announcer: Hey, listeners! Here's another embarassing situation you may find yourself in.

(tv noise)

Earl: (yawn) I should sleep good tonight. (sniff) What the (sniff-sniff) Carol! When was the last time you washed your twat.
Carol: Earl! I (sniff) wait a sec (sniff) that isn't even my scent!
Earl: Well it sure as hell isn't me! (sniff) Is that (sniff) My, god! It's the dog. Samantha has a stinky snatch! Carol, do something about that!
Carol: What do you want me to do?!?

Announcer: Well, Carol. Up until now, there was little you could do to extinguish Canine Vaginal Odor (or CVO) But now, from the makers of the StenchVent comes...

The Pooch Doosh!

The pooch doosh is a simple yet effective tool for helping to cleans your female dog's birth canal. Simply place your pet into the bathtub. Gently insert the specially designed douche nozel (start dog sounds) and run the water into the hands free (water sounds) receptor that attachs directly to your tub's faucet. Allow to run for 3 minutes for a quick wash or up to 5 minutes for a thorough cleansing. Your dog's vaginal odor is quickly rinsed away, leaving your pet healthier and smelling good.

Earl: (sniff) Ahh, that's much better. Now I can get some sleep. Goodnight, Samantha.

(dog growls)

Earl: Geez, what's gotten into her?
Carol: I would say the pooch doosh did!

(both laugh)

Earl: Ahh, the pooch doosh, good one Carol.

Announcer: (laughing) The pooch doosh is the safe and effective way to eliminate CVO and keep your good dog from smelling like bad pussy!

The Pooch Doosh!

It's just for bitches, yo!

The Pooch Doosh!

Available at all PetSmart, PetCo, and Betty White's House of Canine Hygeine locations.