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Cartoon Version of Nerraux

Nerraux is the primary supporting host on The Awful Show. He is the voice of reason on The Awful Show, which should tell you just how doomed it is. He handles setting up most of the interviews, so if you’re someone interesting or know someone who is, drop him an e-mail and he’ll set something up.

Like Tha Mike, He was in "real" radio when he was in high school (the now defunct X-15). His station wasn’t the big deal Tha Mike's was, but he did get to play some cutting-edge alternative, and it gave him a love for broadcasting. He did four years of college radio at WRSK — the best damn college station ever, and the birthplace of the original Awful Show. When he got out of school, Nerraux and radio parted ways, but he always missed his love.

Nerraux and Tha Mike have been friends, lovers and/or coworkers for a long-ass time now. They’ve been into Internet Radio since before anybody had bandwidth to listen to it. (they miss you, sexy Toby!) and (all hail Dan and Scott!) had their full attention for many hours that they were supposed to be working.

The Awful Show was born after discussions about "the old days," wondering how they could get our friends involved in something fun, and the pleading of their wives for them to find a hobby.

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