In this commercial, Keyz (with testimony by Joel) sells a new kind of blow-up doll.

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Hey, Awful Listeners! It's no big surprise that just about all of our male and lesbian listeners are sex addicts and perverts. And we couldn't be happier since Awful Industries has developed its latest product. From the same division that brought you Toys of the Redeemer comes...

The H-2-Ho!

The H-2-Ho is a new kind of sex toy that takes the tried-and-true blow up doll and adds the realism of water to it. Each H-2-Ho is constructed of high strength polyurethane with a satin finish to give you the safest and at the same time most sensual auto-erotic experience. But don't take my word for it. Just listen to what porn connoisseur and chronic masturbator Joel has to say about the H2Ho...

(Joel clip)

H-2-Hos come in 4 varieties: petite, athletic, voluptuous, and big fat fucking pig to satisfy the chubby chaser in all of us. While H-2-Hos are intended to be filled with warm water, they can just as well be filled with cool water to help you live out those necrophilia fantasies we all have from time to time. Plus it is a lot safer than killing a hooker. So don't rely on flimsy unrealistic blow-up dolls to satisfy your desires. After all, the human body is over 90% water. Shouldn't your inflatable sex toy be the same? So head out now to your local adult video store and pick up your H-2-Ho today.

The H-2-Ho!

Never has a woman retaining water been so much fun.

The H-2-Ho!

From Awful Industries, the leader in entertainment products for the mentally disturbed since 2006.

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