Chozo Ninpo is the Bay_area's, and possibly the World’s biggest Nerdcore Hip-Hop promoter.

Well known in California, Florida, and Europe as an Underground Rave and Party sponsor/promoter, he has turned his sights to Nerdcore and openly claims it’s “the next big movement”.

Starting out in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a Techno DJ with hits such as “Underground”, “House Call”, and “Hedgehog gone Sonic” he joined up with local keyboardist Brenden Lane to create the underground rap group “Tha Porchmonkeys”.

2 albums soon followed, the first a mixtape EP of freestyles called “Sittin on tha Edge”, and a full length original LP titled “A Little Taste of Everything”. They performed at many places in the Kent County area of Michigan, even winning a couple contests for originality.

Eric Wright (chozo) started a record label, “Crackshack Studios” to produce both albums, which was traded to Brenden Lane for 2 40oz’s of Mickeys and a 1993 Mazda Protege, only to be repurchased by Eric’s current record label, “Beat Buffet Records”. The slogan for BBR is “All the Beats you can Eat” and they specialize in Nerdcore Hip-hop, but will “sign anyone with talent”. Recently Beat Buffet Records has released "Comprehensive Prank Calls", which is a full album of 21 prank calls.

He is mostly known to throw together large compilations of free music to be distributed through torrents that serve the purpose of getting the public interested in the music before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Musical Background[]

To date, as an artist he has collaborated with several big names in the Nerdcore community, including T-Byte, Optimiss, Rocket Propelled Geeks, MC Gigahertz, and DJ Snyder.

His most well known and recent performance was at Nerdapalooza July 4th, 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

Other artists at that show included:

  • Architects of Fear
  • Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew
  • CSHC
  • DJ Snyder
  • Dual Core
  • Emergency Pizza Party
  • Former Fat Boys
  • funky49 and Redvoid
  • Harry and the Potters
  • Killer Robots!
  • Krondor Krew
  • LogicOne
  • Magitek
  • Marc with a C
  • Math the Band
  • MC Frontalot
  • MC Gigahertz
  • MC Inadequate
  • mCRT
  • Myf
  • Nora Ricci
  • Pixelh8
  • Random
  • Random Encounter
  • Rocket Propelled Geeks
  • Schaffer the Darklord
  • Sudden Death
  • The House of Black
  • Uncle Monsterface
  • Whoremoans
  • Wordburglar
  • ytcracker
  • ZeaLouS1
  • Zombies! Organize!!

National and Netional Radio Play[]

Chozo Ninpo has achieved broadcast on the following stations and talk shows:

91.5 WPRK FM in Orlando, Florida
1320 KKSM AM in Palomar, California
Rocket Propelled Radio
The Awful Show
The Takeover
Z103 The Cacaw